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The Most Current PEBC® Evaluating Exam Course
PharmAchieve offers the most current, authoritative and comprehensive EE course available today. PharmAchieve is currently the only government certified institution offering PEBC Prep courses. The courses are taught by award-winning faculty. We are also currently the only company with multiple full-time pharmacists working on our courses. This means we have the resources to provide trusted, up-to-date materials.

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Our Faculty
Murray Cutler + Mark McIntyre

Our lead instructors

The course is taught by six faculty members who have won many teaching awards from Canadian universities:Supporting them in our head office are is the largest team in the industry including 4 full time pharmacists.
Comprehensive Materials You Can Trust
Our study resources will get you to the top of your class. Gain instant access to these pharmacy essentials today:

40 Live Lectures
taught by award-winning

Question Bank
4,050+ questions based
on the 2019 PEBC Syllabus.
Instant feedback on why
answers are right/wrong.

Comprehensive Lecture Notes
Our notes save you time
by summarizing key topics,
covering the latest (2019) syllabus.

Live Case Discussions
We coach you on solving
cases in patient care,
drug distribution,
management and ethics.

Q&A Forum
Get your questions answered
and browse through 1,150+
questions submitted by other
students and their detailed
faculty answers.
40 Live Interactive Lectures
Classroom Lecture

An experienced instructor answering your questions and leading you through the material through interactive discussions will increase your chances of passing. You have a choice of attend and participating in the lectures (i) in person or (ii) online. Lectures are also recorded so you never miss a lecture and can review them again if you wish. Our Lecture notes save you time by summarizing each topic.
Question Bank
Question BankView details
Our growing library of 4,000+ questions tests your knowledge in all syllabus areas including challenging calculations, management, law and ethics questions. Explanations are provided for both correct and incorrect answers enabling you to learn from each question attempted.
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Comprehensive Lecture Notes

Pharmacy Lecture Notes
We have the most detailed, beautifully illustrated lecture notes that are specifically designed to cover the latest 2019 PEBC syllabus. Make studying a pleasure and save time and effort.

Interactive Q&A Forum

Gain exclusive access to our PharmAchieve Q&A Forum where you can submit your questions and get answers from our faculty. If you have a question, chances are another student did as well. Explore categorized faculty answers to hundreds of questions submitted by students like you.
Q&A ForumView details
High Satisfaction Rankings

Our satisfaction survey asks students to rate us on a 5 point scale in response to three questions. We teach over 2,100 students a year and in all our courses at least 92% of all students gave us a perfect score.

Satisfaction Survey
Brought to you by the best team in the business
PharmAchieve trains 2,100 students a year for the PEBC® exams -- more than any other organization. We grew to this size by delivering high-quality courses, taught by highly qualifed instructors. Because of our size, we can afford multiple full-time pharmacists, pharmacologists, illustrators and computer scientists to produce a first-rate curriculum covering 200+ topics and to keep it up to date.
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Our Evaluating Exam prep course is like a first-year residency, as it summarizes a great deal of material while sharpening your clinical thinking skills. Many alumni entered hospital residencies and management positions only months after graduation, citing the strong education they received as the reason for their success.

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